24-Hour Crisis Lines

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Local Suicide Prevention of Yolo County crisis lines closed effective February 15, 2023.  No calls are going unanswered.

All historical phone lines are forwarded directly to the National Lifeline/988 and are then electronically routed the caller’s nearest certified crisis line center.  Most calls that would have come to SPYC are going to crisis lines in the region, such as Sacramento and Bay Area crisis lines. 

Are you having a crisis?  Call 988 to talk to a crisis line counselor. 

Or to reach the same place:  1-800-273-TALK (8255) 

Please call 911 if you have having a medical emergency.



School Safety Tip Lines
Suicide Prevention’s school safety “tip lines” are no longer operational.  If you are aware of potential violence that may occur at your school, please call 911 or anonymously dial your local police dispatch directly by dialing *67 and then the police phone number.